We offer three terms per year, FALL, WINTER and SPRING. Ages 12 and up are welcome. Students are classified by level at the beginning of each term.

Each term consists of 11-12 lessons, one per week. We meet THURSDAY NIGHTS at 7 PM . Typical class size is four to six students per instructor. After the first hour of instruction, students have the option to join the “circle” (a loosely-structured piping and drumming experience which exposes students to the formal elements of playing and marching in a band) or participate in a “remedial” class from 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

The cost per term is $150, payable by cash or credit card, and is considered a donation and non-refundable. This cost includes sheet music and instructional materials but NOT instruments. Please note that beginners must only invest in a simple practice chanter for bagpipers, or a practice drum pad and drumsticks for drummers, to participate in their first two to three terms of study. We can provide guidance on when and how to obtain an instrument.

Please feel free to contact us for answers to any other questions you may have.