During performance events such as parades and highland games, students are asked to wear appropriate highland dress.  Some of the clothing and accessories can be rather pricey and students are encouraged to shop around.  The aim is to adhere as close as possible to standard band performance attire but it is not necessary to purchase high-end items such as heavyweight kilts or ghillie brogues. See below for a complete list of things you’ll need.

For a detailed look on how to put on your complete highland wear, check out this great highland dress tutorial

Highland Wear - School staff wearing white shirts and black vests


White short or long sleeve collared shirt, black vest, tie

Note that the vest and tie are usually worn for the highland games, but may not be required for other events.





Highland Wear - Glengarry


Glengarry Hat

It is advisable to invest in a quality glengarry.  Plain black over the diced red and white style is recommended.  Cap badges with band insignias are usually affixed on the left side of the hat.  Students can wear the badge of their choice, but it is not mandatory. Measurement Guide





The kilt sits approximately 2″ above the waist with the bottom reaching no further than the top or middle of the kneecap and should not reach the ground when kneeling. The two front panels (called aprons) overlap each other with pleats to the back.  Students may wear the tartan of their choice but utility kilts are not recommended. The school carries a small supply of kilts to loan.

Belts are optional, but if you’re unsure whether or not to invest in one, here’s a great video to help you decide.  Measurement guide


Highland Wear - Kilt Pin



Kilt Pin

Worn on the lower outer corner of the apron.  Adds weight to help prevent the front apron panel from blowing open.




Highland Wear - Hose



Knee-high socks available in assorted colours with white, off-white or black being predominant.  Students may wear whichever colour best compliments their kilt tartan.






Flashes are strips of wool or cotton that hang down from the folds in the kilt hose. They are in effect a decorative garter, that helps to hold the hose (socks) up.




Highland Wear - Brogues



Ghillie Brogue shoes are the formal standard, but as a student you may wear basic black shoes (flat heel, no runners). If your shoes have laces, you can purchase extra-long laces to give them a ‘ghillie’ look.




Highland Wear - Sporran



Student’s choice.   Keep in mind that in events such as parades, you’ll need to carry your personal items such as money, keys, phone, etc. as well a portable piping maintenance kit for bagpipers so size matters (See Maddie’s blog page for suggested items to carry in your sporran kit).



Highland Wear - Sgian-Dubh


Sgian Dubhs (pronounced skee-en-doo)

A ceremonial knife worn in the hose. Part of the formal attire, but optional for students.