The Montreal Piping & Drumming School is a non-profit organization dedicated to spreading the art of Highland bagpiping and drumming throughout the greater Montreal area.

The School was founded in 2004 by longtime piper Mr. Iain MacLeod, and to this day remains committed to Mr. MacLeod’s original mission of bringing the joy of playing pipes and drums to as wide an audience as possible.

For beginner pipers and drummers, the School aims to provide the solid foundations in technical skills and musical repertoire that would make you a valued asset to any of the many fine pipe bands in the greater Montreal area. For more experienced players, including those already affiliated with local bands, the School provides a focused environment for improving skills, eliminating bad habits, and developing in musicianship in a friendly and non-competitive environment. While the School is not affiliated with any one band, our instructors are some of the city’s finest players, and many are active members of various local bands and piping/drumming units.

Students who have successfully completed their program each year are often invited to participate with the School in the Canada Day Parade and other local piping and drumming events. Students are also encouraged to join the Piping and Drumming School in the annual Montreal Highland Games festivities (in August), performing in the opening and closing massed bands ceremonies.