Since 2014, Dave has been a dedicated member of MPD performing in countless parades, solo pipes at weddings, funerals, for friends and neighbours, etc. In 2019, he was looking forward to performing with MPD in Grade 5 Competitions—then pandemic happened—so 2022? In addition to playing the Great Highland Bagpipe, he plays shuttle pipes and recently acquired bellows-blown Scottish small pipes. 

Dave first joined MPDS 2007 under the founder and director Iain MacLeod in the same class as present director Eric Marchand. After a piping hiatus due to work, he returned in 2018 and is pleased to fill the MPDS’s ghillie brogues as Secretary. With MPD and MPDS, Dave’s piping ability has increased dramatically he attributes to continual learning, practice (and practice, practice, practice…), guidance and inspiration from his fellow pipers and drummers. In the piping community, Dave enjoys the camaraderie and has made life long friends.